Welcome to my webpage!  The main goal of Multifaceted Wellness with Kim is to promote wellness holistically.  That has been my personal goal for years, and now I want to help you to live a more natural, healthy life with fewer toxic chemicals.  By teaching you about herbs, essential oils, crystals, Reiki, and other natural choices, you can reduce your reliance on questionable, toxic materials, live more sustainably, and perhaps even improve some corner of your life.  That gives you some idea why I call it “multifaceted” wellness.  There are so many paths to the ultimate goal!

My Background

I have spent most of my working life as an elementary school teacher.  Trust me, that’s a lot of experience in planning projects!  I’ve spent my spare time learning about natural health alternatives.  I’ve worked with herbalists and aromatherapists to learn more about the gifts of the natural world that are always available to help us.  Our grandmothers knew all about that, but much of that knowledge has been lost to many of us – unless we purposely work to get it back!  I’ve studied Usui Reiki and am a Master Teacher.  I’ve also studied crystals with Hibisus Moon earning becoming both a Certified Crystal Healer and an Advanced Crystal Master.  I’m also a Certified Angel Card Reader.  That seems to cover just about every corner of the physical and metaphysical natural world!


My favorite way to learn and teach these principles is through DIY projects.  Projects have always been fun for me, and when the projects become homemade healthy treats, medicines, or even lotions & cleaning supplies, that’s even better.  I’m not in crafts to create “fine dustables.”  I want things my family and I can use, and I’m guessing you do, too.  As you poke around you will find projects, recipes, and articles to boost your knowledge and skills and help you on your path to greater wellness.


I am so glad you’re here.  I firmly believe that anything you can do to be more happy and healthy makes the world a better place.  And if I can help with that, that’s just AWESOME!  Here’s to your wellness!