Diffuser Jar Necklace 2

Many people appreciate the benefits of using essential oils to support their wellness.  Perhaps you are one of them? Likewise, many people enjoy the subtle energies crystals can offer, whether as jewelry or as a chunk stuck in their pocket.  Sound familiar?

But what if you could enjoy both at the same time?  And what if the piece of jewelry that could offer all that was beautiful, too?  That would be something to see!  Don’t you agree?

I love designing jewelry that combines the energies of crystals and essential oils.  This particular necklace is one of my favorites (so far) because it’s so sparkly and easy to wear.  It coordinates with many outfits, and since the cork is glued in, you don’t have to spend any time at all worrying about when it will come out and spill your crystals.

From a design standpoint, the necklace can be designed with crystals of any color – or combination of colors- a person may want.  they can be designed to match outfits as easily as they can be designed to match energetic intentions.  I hear angels singing!

But what do I mean by “energetic” intentions?  Good question.  By that I mean you can design this necklace to support your energetic, emotional self through any challenge you might be facing right now.  Need to relax?  I would try amethyst crystals and lavender essential oil.  Feeling upset?  Heartbroken?  A combination of peridot and rose quartz may be just the support you need with some rose or lavender (it’s multipurpose!) essential oil.

If you prefer to use color therapy, there are crystals and oils for that, as well.  And the really cool part is this necklace can be designed to support whatever philosophy you like!

What are Diffuser Necklaces?

Diffuser necklaces are pieces of jewelry with a special spot to which you can add essential oils.  As the oil evaporate, you get to enjoy the aroma – and the aromatherapy benefits – of the oil you chose.  They work with any oil you like.  All it takes is a drop or two of the oil (or a premixed blend if you prefer) to surround yourself in oily goodness.

Essential Oils
The link between scent and mood or emotional state has been well-known for years. Many years. I don’t know when it started, but it was a long time ago.

Can you remember the smell in the kitchen when someone last cooked a favorite meal or treat? The scent probably made you feel happy, or loved, or hungry. When you notice that same scent today, you probably have similar feelings, even if they only last a few seconds.

The same thing happens with essential oils. Their powerful scents can transport people to other times and places — and feelings and emotional states — just by sniffing them. People are also finding that certain oils can help with specific emotional difficulties in a predictable way. Sure, there is some variation based on a person’s past experience with a particular scent. But when anyone smells something that takes them back to a happy memory, they relax.

People have adorned themselves with crystals and gemstones since the earliest recorded times. The Ancient Egyptians loved their stones, and even with the passage of time, people have not lost their affection for them.
Even people who don’t “do” crystals often know their birthstone, or expect a diamond on an engagement ring. Fewer people seem to acknowledge the healing qualities of crystals, but numbers are growing.

Crystals and gemstones have very subtle energy. That energy supports the natural energetic field of your body and gently, quietly, helps to balance things out for you. Some people can feel it happen, but not everyone. It works whether you feel it or not, so no worries there.

Even if you are not on the “crystal healing” bandwagon, you have to admit those crystals are beautiful! With all that color and sparkle, it can be hard to resist adorning yourself with one (or more!) when you want to feel special.

If you are one of the growing number who acknowledge crystal power, I’m sure you can see the possibilities with this necklace. The crystals you need along with a complementary essential oil — ahhhh!

Want one?
If you’re crafty, you probably figured out how to make a necklace just like this based on what you’ve read. I think that’s awesome! We’re kindred spirits, really. Be sure to post a picture of your creation later. Please.

If you’re crafty but you like working from directions, hang in there. There will be a post with a list of materials, step-by-step directions, and pictures coming soon.

If you just want a necklace that’s ready to wear, I would be happy to put one together for you. For $25, you can have your choice of three or four crystals on either a snake chain or a butterfly chain (as shown).

Email your request to MultifacetedWellness at Gmail dot com and specify the stones you would like. We can also work out payment at that time. Your choices include:

Amethyst (purple)
Aventurine (green)
Citrine (yellow)
Clear Quartz (clear)
Garnet (deep rad)
Onyx (black)
Peridot (green)
Red Agate (red)
Rose Quartz (pink) and
Tiger Eye (brown)

Not sure which crystals you want? You can specify a color, or just choose intuitively. All combinations are beautiful. The combination in this example includes green aventurine, peridot, rose quartz, and clear quartz.Diffuser Jar Necklace 2