If you are not personally using essential oils right now, you know someone who is. They are HUGE and their use is growing by the day. I truly hope they are not just a fad because I think natural options are great for wellness and for cleaning. I’m happy every time I think of all the people making themselves and their environment more healthy right this second!  I’m even happier to know there is such a thing as diffuser jewelry that makes it possible to enjoy the scet of your favorite essential oils all day long – not just at home by your regular diffuser.

A lot of people I meet want oils to do things for them – help them focus, kill the germs on the counter, repel spiders — whatever. There doesn’t seem to be so much talk about how oils can make you feel. There’s a lot of science about how scents connect with the brain – that’s fascinating to me!

The human olfactory system can distinguish an astounding number of smells. As we experience the avalanche of smells in our environment, humans tend to attach all sorts of emotions to them. How do you feel when you smell popcorn? Where were you in that memory? Who were you with? Chances are all that information is easy to remember.

The day my husband met my aunt and uncle, we arrived at their home as my aunt was pulling a bubbling hot blueberry pie from her oven. The kitchen – the whole house! – smelled amazingly warm and homey and inviting. He instantly felt at home. We haven’t been there for blueberry pie day since, but that’s still one of hubby’s favorite places. He has attached the intoxicating aroma of that pie to that time and place, and even when the scent isn’t there, he remembers the happiness it gave him and still loves to visit.

There are plenty of smells that recall for us less happy times, too. They definitely do not always use their powers for good!

But back to the essential oils, some of the most concentrated scents we will ever encounter anywhere! The scents the oils carry can elicit equally strong emotional reactions from people who smell them – for better or for worse. Science tells us that whether a person finds a scent to be “good” or “bad” all depends on what emotional history they have with that scent. In other words, if you remember the scent from a positive experience, you will like it. That’s easy enough.

Using that logic, we know we can manipulate our mood with scents. Feeling down? Smell something that reminds you of something happy. Feeling a little too energetic? Smell something that makes you feel calm. Just want to smell something that you like? You can do that, too.

To me, diffuser jewelry is one of the easiest ways to wear an essential oil you love. Just add a drop or two of the oil or blend you choose to the area on the jewelry that is designed to accept oil. You look stylish, and you get to enjoy the scent you crave all day long – or until you remove the jewelry.

necklaces 042616 014

In this diffuser necklace, wool beads will hold drops of your favorite essential oil or blend so you can enjoy the scent all day. I love the simple look of these necklaces, even without an oil!

necklaces 042616 008

A simple blue wool bead in this diffuser necklace is ready for your favorite essential oil. Or you can just enjoy the simple look of this necklace without adding anything. The choice is yours!

There are many styles of diffuser jewelry, and you typically find both bracelets and necklaces. It all works the same way, so choose whatever calls to you. When I design my pieces, I like to incorporate healing crystals and gems when I can for that added boost. If the crystal calls you, it will help you. I’ve learned not to question why, but there are many books if you want to try to figure it out.



necklaces 042616 012

This diffuser necklace features ribbons and cord rather than a chain, and there is an angel charm that says “joy” under the wool ball. The wool ball has a clear quartz bead above and below to add a little extra sparkle – and a little crystal power.

My goal is to add my diffuser jewelry designs to this website for those of you who are called to them. The pictures you see today are some examples of what is to come. Email me if there is a particular one you are interested in or have questions about. We can work something out!